The Vera Project


The focus of this project was to redesign the brand identity, website and mobile app of the Vera Project. After meeting with the director of Vera we went over the core values of the nonprofit and were able to highlight some key features that were missing from their website.

Original Word Mark

Youth & Community

Vera is volunteer run and makes most of its profit through grands and fundraising. At the core of the Vera Project is a thriving community of musicians, and artists alike that helps connect young adults to the Seattle music industry.

Original Emblum

Experimental Education

Vera offers a hands on class room experience, where students get the opportunity to learn music production, silk screening and even the combination of electronics and music through a class that teaches how to build a guitar effects pedal.

Music and Arts

From an outsiders perspective, Vera at a first glance looks like music venue with a verity of art collections and silk screen printing. The connection to music and the arts however goes much deeper by offering a space to collaborate on creative projects.

Original Website Design

Wordmark & Emblum Redesign

Website Redesign

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Mobile App

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Business Card

Visual Design System

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